Meal and Real

Recognized classic of American cinema, screenwriter and director Billy Wilder simply could not help but touch on trading from the American media system. Inviting the gorgeous Kirk Douglas and creating another striking, unique picture of the imposing correspondent, Wilder is filming a grandiose, emotional, ironic and very pressing film performance.

The selfish unscrupulousness from the modern American press appears by using a collective picture of a genuine master with the pen, trying to understand his irrepressible ambitions, who’s got devoted his life to your pursuit of unique material. With sparkling eyes and without getting a shadow of doubt, he fearlessly walks through the dilapidated mine, for being the initial to secure a date with the one that can’win’him the Pulitzer Prize – with all the unfortunate miner, imprisoned by the need of fate inside of a cramped opening between your fallen stones.

Taking control of the matter, subjugating the flow of real information, turning the reportage to a national tragedy – for this sort of person absolutely nothing is impossible when it comes to the aim of his life. As if an ancient prophet, he broadcasts in to the recorder the reality that her own vanity demands of him.

Like bees flocking to sugar syrup, an audience of afflicted people strives to access a distinctive attraction. Theater, baseball, cinema – no! The fight for lifetime is the perfect show with the unpredictable ending. Today’s collision, that’s opened its arena in the very center of prosperous America, has become for many local store from an ordinary, routine existence. Carousels, stalls with hot dogs, sun loungers against the backdrop of rescue equipment – our drama inevitably develops to a booth

Delicately mocking the group, Billy Wilder generally plunge the normal American into his personal ignorance, simultaneously explaining to him be simple truths in the monstrosity for these a mindset to human tragedy, reproaching him for idle curiosity, fmovies bmovies passive compassion, and predictable reactions to the clever and timely steps of an vain correspondent.

Finding yourself in abdominal muscles center of events, the hero of Kirk Douglas unwittingly involves himself within the hardest confrontation – confrontation with himself. The invisible scales of conscience, once frozen at how much pathological egocentrism that outweighed decency, set out to slowly hesitate when choosing the bitter fate of a real worker, regarding his ungrateful passion, with a type, naive old man, father and unhappy mother. Eventually, he is unable to cope with the sincere compassion who has awakened in him. Above all, to what for so long and persistently led his hero Billy Wilder, that has been obvious from the actual beginning – he has to understand into what insignificance he turned himself over these long years, that no power and money can be put above human life.

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